Buhle Nkalashe

Buhle Nkalashe is a Cape Town based independent artist. Born in 1994 in Cape Town, South Africa’s Western Cape province, Buhle is best known for his contemporary artworks executed through canvases. His work mainly consists of portraiture and abstract paintings.

Buhle has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Cape Town and Johannesburg. His first solo exhibition, THE NEW AFRICAN, was held at the Youngblood Beautiful Life Building in Cape Town.

Buhle’s work is heavily influenced by traditional patterns. He’s observed how they relate and are significant to the positive mindset and identity of young African creatives. His work celebrates the progress and advances made by the young Africans through art, fashion and music. It is also a depiction of how the youth borrow elements from their culture to express their identity through their profession. As his style of painting evolved, so has his medium of expression – namely charcoal, acrylic, oil pastels and oil paintings.