In this younger generation, we are seeing many Africans soaring to great heights, achieving the success they dreamed of, and who look beyond the colour black and the expectations and limitations which were once placed upon them. These individuals inspire me to know that anything is possible, and that we Africans are good enough to be among the best in the world. If not better because of our strength and resilience to always be excellent.

My artworks relate to what I see today. A time in which Africans are proud of their heritage and identity and are not ashamed of their beliefs or the colour of their skin. It also celebrates creative African individuals who want to change Africa in their own way and not reference Western countries for approval and inspiration. This is a generation of young black Africans making a name for themselves through their work and placing some traditional element to it. I use many traditional patterns and colours to represent that we are diverse, creative and beautiful in our own individual way. These patterns are also inspired by the Xhosa, Zulu and Ndebele groups which I believe contribute to an African’s ethnicity. The figures represent the nature of African identity, that we are proud of our skin and the way we look, but also the triumph of the human spirit is depicted through these figures.